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Our Newest Trainees
You can follow our NEW worldwidedogschool students as they progress in learning their AKC Basic Obedience Commands : 

Heel - to walk on your left side ( NO Pulling ) 
Sit - to sit on command 
Down-  to lay down on command 
Stay-  to stay at sit or down till called 
Come- to come to you on command 
NO-  to stop doing anything and give you their full attention 

<a href="">Quicktime Required</a>
Quicktime Required
<a href="">Quicktime Required</a>
Quicktime Required
3 month old Rocko has already learned sit and down on command ....using tips from JB made it so simple.....follow him as he learns more.   Bo
Watch videos of advance student Pebbles doing off leash training.  Pebbles is learning so much.  ...RJ
Owner Testimonials and Photos
Eight year old Antonio learning obedience training with 9month Cane Corso puppies (Zina-Zola-Zoro)